What are the benchmark processes for mechanical parts

    The mechanical parts are studied by a number of surface groups, and the surface phase of the parts must be determined to determine its point, line and surface location.

    1. Design basis

    Part drawing with determine the point, line, face the benchmark according to design benchmark figure 32-2 [cc2] the collar parts axis of the cylindrical inner hole design benchmark parts face A face B, C design datum axis of the bore cylindrical radial jump benchmark

    2. Process benchmarking

    The benchmark process benchmark used for parts processing and assembly is used to meet the assembly benchmark, measuring benchmark and positioning datum.

    (1) the assembly benchmark is used to determine the component parts or product position reference.

    (2) the measurement datum is used to test the measured surface dimension and the position datum, which is used to measure the internal hole axis of the inner hole of the part of the part, and the measurement datum of the outer circle; Surface A test L dimension L measurement benchmark.

    (3) locating datum processing workpiece positioning benchmark said positioning base used for locating datum surface () or line and point in the first working procedure can select raw rough surface positioning surface said crude benchmark. The process adopts the positioning for locating datum surface machined surface has said fine benchmark


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